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Buddha Maityrea, the Reincarnation of Christ - portrait image
Buddha Maitreya,
the Reincarnation of Christ
"While we are in this body, it is our job to evolve this body in this life for our future life, not just for this life. So we work out the karma that we've done in the past. We live out the karma that we live out in everyday life. It is nothing more than a coming back around. So if we deal with our daily situation, our normal relationships in life, deal with them in a more evolved way, every day, every year, till the very day we die, we will come back with those abilities, and we will be able to relate to people even better. And we will be more 'Christ-like', we will have more 'Buddha Nature'. That is our only evolution in life - to become better, more evolved, more compassionate."

"Simply by doing the OM we are co-creating and sponsoring the process of God's creation and allowing ourselves to become witnesses of the revelations of God's everlasting work, God's love, and God's support toward all of us."
- Buddha Maitreya, the Reincarnation of Jesus the Christ

World Teachings and OM Meditation are broadcast every day, free of charge. They are usually around 2 hours long and consist of Dharma Teachings (Dharma means right behavior and right living) along with a 20 minute OM meditation where the viewer is invited to sound the OM along with Jesus the Christ, with the Sacred Soul Therapy music playing as a background.