Archangel Michael's Litanies
The Ceremonies and Feasts of the Birth Month, December
The Alignment of the Seven Rays of GOD
for Daily Contemplation


Sanat Buddha Maitreya Kumara
The Reincarnation of Jesus the Christ
OFFERS Blessings of His Words Through
Daily Meditations & Dharma Teachings
As A Call to Action For The Outcome
of Our Collective Humanity on Earth

Watch Every Evening Whenever you are Able, Not Just One Teaching,
Teachings Are Live Generally ONCE per week (Saturday)


Aloha ke Akua:
To recognize ke Akua (God) as the supreme being,
to acknowledge His hand in all things,
and to be appreciative of His many blessings.


To think, speak, and act in a manner that is honest,
true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men.
To be balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

ʻImi naʻauao:

To seek enlightenment, not only the acquirement of knowledge,
but of true intelligence, that is, to use knowledge in a Pono way.


To understand and fulfill one’s area of responsibility
and stewardship as a privilege and honor.

Join Tulku Buddha Maitreya, the Reincarnation of Jesus the His daily planetary healing OM meditations, offered as an online event every night, generally live two times per week, and then replayed around the world. This is an opportunity to help Planetary and Personal Ascension from wherever you are located and to help Christ make this a more heavenly place for us all! Be sure to join us whenever you are able.

H.H. Buddha Maitreya and His wife H.H. Mandarava Tara have received many honors that corroborate Their externalization process and many charitable works, including receiving the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar International Award in 2014 and the Shakyamuni Buddha International Award in 2016 "by virtue of (their) initiative and active role to spread Buddhism, Global Peace, and Meditation among the generations to come with great expectations to put them into practice at the international level".  Most recently here in 2020-2021, Sanat Buddha Maitreya Kumara has been recognized as a Distinguished Humanitarian by the Marquis Who's Who of the world.

"The Purpose of Christ is to increase the Light of the Soul on the Earth. Transmission is the whole goal of the OM meditation, to help further the communion between The Lord and humanity."

- Lord Jesus the Christ, the Buddha Maitreya

Jesus The Christ
Is Healing the Planet & Humanity
With Christ Consciousness
~ the Noosphere ~

What is the Noosphere?

The Noosphere is the planetary sphere of mind or thinking layer of the planet Earth. To grasp the idea of the Noosphere, we must elevate our consciousness and open ourselves to the most general, elemental and cosmic principles of life on Earth.

The Noosphere is the next stage in the evolution of human consciousness. As the mental sheathe of the planet, the Noosphere characterizes mind and consciousness as a unitary phenomenon. This means that the quality and nature of our individual and collective thoughts directly effects the Noosphere and creates the quality of our environment – the biosphere.

This means the quality of our individual and collective thoughts directly affects the Noosphere and creates the quality of our environment, the biosphere.

The historic process is changing dramatically before our eyes ... Mankind taken as a whole is becoming a powerful geological force. Humanity's mind and work face the problem of reconstructing the biosphere in the interests of freely thinking Mankind as a single entity. This new state of the world we are approaching without noticing it, it is the 'Noosphere'.‍

The return of Christ as the fulfillment of the Noosphere as well as the consummation of the universe. According to the Law of Time, the end of linear time begins the time of the Noosphere and the return of Christ consciousness.

- Lord Jesus the Christ, the Buddha Maitreya

watch the full teaching above about Easter and the Noosphere – OM Meditation & Dharma Teaching given live on Easter 2022

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EVERY Evening

Each evening, Jesus offers an OM meditation and an in-depth dharma teaching. Please set aside at least three evenings each week. This is a live event and teaching start times do vary as Jesus always teaches in the moment. We ask that you meditate quietly with Soul Therapy Music until the meditation starts. An audio stream is available below.


There is a $15 (USD) offering to the Monastery for each OM meditation, that helps support the charitable work and dharma activities of Jesus; including the support of monastic life worldwide, free clinics in Nepal, feeding programs and the healing of poverty - if you are genuinely unable to afford this offering please contact us, to speak with a monk or nun to assist you.

Live online

These auspicious OM meditations and teachings each evening are offered as live internet streaming broadcasts three times per week via livestream. Attend live online or if you cannot make it, register anyway and watch the video replay within a week. Connect with your Ashram, Soul and Monad through receiving the teachings and healing blessings of the Reincarnation of Christ.

"So changed after OM Meditation"
Henry Petrosov, NY
"I thought I was on the  road to 'self-empowerment' until I listened to you."
- Alison Hoskins, FL
"It is really hard not to be optimistic about the future when you know Christ"
- Brian Howell, CA
"So grateful to have His help in my life. I find it gives me hope -it’s what we all need!"
- George, Nacona TX
"Upbeat, energizing, inspiring, joyful dharma teachings!"
- Marsha Jarvis CA
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“Soul Therapy” happens when listening to Buddha Maitreya, The Christ’s Soul Therapy Blessing and Invocation Music performed by Buddha Maitreya (often played during His OM Meditations). This “music” is the teachings and Voice of the reincarnation of Jesus the Christ. It is His spontaneous Blessing that happens to the person and a heightening of vibration and an increase in buddhic Light awakens inside the atoms of the bodys cells .... and then a rebirth .... of knowing you are Loved by God the Father as the Will of God expresses as one’s Soul (bodhicitta).

- Lord Jesus the Christ, the Buddha Maitreya


Swyambhu, Nepal

Maitri Vihar 'Maitreya' Monastery
2012 Enthronement & Dharma teaching


"Simply by doing the OM, we are co-creating and sponsoring the process of God’s creation and allowing ourselves to become witnesses of the revelations of God’s everlasting work, God’s love, and God’s support towards all of us."

- Lord Jesus the Christ, the Buddha Maitreya

The Om
Co-creation with god

“The OM is very unique. It carries through sound the Consciousness of God, which is extremely difficult to relate to and understand but the consciousness of God is Geomancy. The relationship of divine order—everything in nature, every word we create, every sound that is manifested has a geometric pattern to it." 

"Divine order is found within Geomancy. Geomancy lets go of you thinking you know what's going on. The process of divinity is only involved with God. It has nothing to do with our political position, intellectual understanding or religious belief. It has only to do with God's creative presence and that presence is in geomancy. So basically what I teach in meditation is the relationship of the OM and the OM is involved with God's creation. It creates a geometric pattern and that pattern is God's mind. That pattern is involved with the creation of man and woman and that divinity creates a tantric union balance that allows the Earth to manifest its beauty, its creation, trees, plants - everything is manifested through the qualities of that telepathic union that's called co-creation. That co-creation is part of our divine plan creating humanity and taking care of the planet but it requires us and a higher level of spiritual understanding and that needs to be awoken.”  

- Jesus the Christ, the Buddha Maitreya
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Benefits of Meditation

A brief overview of the benefits of attending the nightly
OM Mediations & Dharma Teachings with Jesus.


Past TeachingS

Access past OM Meditation & Dharma Teachings,
$15 offering per replay


Dharma teachings build Holy Spirit

UPCOMING DHARSHANS & Mediation Events with Jesus


Next Teaching Dharshan - virtual hub at Shambhala & via livestream

Sunday, September 24th - full-day
$1000 offering for worldwide virtual livestream or
$1100 offering for approved in-person attendance

If you are interested in attending any of these Dharshans or events,
you may speak with a Monk or Nun by calling:
+1-877-444-7685 us toll-free number
+1-707-587-4015 international number
+44 (0) 1458 898221 uk/european numberNORTHERN CALIFORNIA
Dharshan at Shambhala Planetary Monastery
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The om Meditation

Relax in a Quiet Sacred Space

One of the most important things in meditation is to be able to relax and let go. Find a quiet and comfortable place to meditate and sit in a comfortable position.

We recommend meditating inside one of the Reincarnation of Christ's 51 Degree Meditation Pyramid Systems, or with any of the Monastic Meditation Tools for Personal & Planetary Healing, to greatly enhance your meditation and the reception of the transmission of healing blessings from Buddha Maitreya the Reincarnation of Christ.

If you do not have a meditation pyramid and would like to explore getting your own, we recommend visiting our Meditation Pyramids or Monastic Mediation Tools sites.

Invocation of The Ashram, Soul & Monad

I invoke the power, the love and the wisdom,
of my Ashram, Soul and Monad.
To guide me into the right activity in the plan,
To clarify and stimulate my mind,
To  transform and transmute my feelings and emotions,
To energize and vitalize and heal my physical and etheric body,
So there is a normal flow of energy in my physical and etheric body.
Through this day and every day,
I ask this in the name of the Christ,
To serve the One.
All in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Breath and The OM

Breathing and sounding the OM are the main focus of the OM Meditation.
The Reincarnation of Christ will lead the breath during the online meditation,
please stay in sync with His OM and Breath as well as you are able.

Inhale for 7 to 10 seconds
(slow and steady)

Exhale for 7 to 10 seconds while sounding the OM
(let it fully resonate loudly with your outgoing breath)

Continue this cycle of inhaling / exhaling for a full 20 minutes

At the end of 20 minutes sit silently for 2 minutes while continuing your breathing

Pujas from the Reincarnation of Christ

After you have completed the 20 minute OM meditation, it is recommended to listen to Buddha Maitreya The Yogi Christ’s Soul Therapy Meditation Music, also know as Pujas, to experience Soul Therapy.

“Soul Therapy” happens when listening to Buddha Maitreya, The Christ’s Soul Therapy Blessing and Invocation Music performed by Buddha Maitreya. This “music” is the teachings and Voice of the reincarnation of Jesus the Christ. It is His spontaneous Blessing that happens to the person and a heightening of vibration and an increase in buddhic Light awakens inside the atoms of the bodys cells .... and then a rebirth .... of knowing you are Loved by God the Father as the Will of God expresses as one’s Soul (bodhicitta).

Soul Therapy Music is unique, radiating Christ's Monadic, Soul-filled Light & Healing Blessings and containing all of Christ's teachings. It is the Science of Invocation / Evocation awakening and evoking divinity within you. Choose from ten newly edited, lovingly restored and remastered Soul Therapy albums of meditation music, invocations and blessings performed and produced by Buddha Maitreya the Christ available via all major digital music stores and streaming services, or on CD from the Monastic Meditation Tools site.

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