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Buddha Maityrea, the Reincarnation of Christ - portrait image
Buddha Maitreya,
the Reincarnation of Christ

Buddha Maitreya’s Incarnation Invocation Blessings is highly spiritual music performed and produced by the American born Buddha Maitreya, the Reincarnation of Jesus the Christ, who plays all the instruments and performs all the sacred invocations and prayers.

The music combines the invocations of Angels and Buddhas, qualities of awakening, with different bells and sounds that come from Tibetan Buddhism, crystal bowls, and Native American drums. Ancient prayers and the highest invocations to God evoke relaxation, oneness, and peace.

As a person relaxes and listens to the ancient universal prayers and invocations in the meditation music, emotions naturally calm down, and the mind begins to clear, creating a balanced energetic exchange that results in regeneration and revitalization. The music clears, cleanses and blesses any space – work or home- and is most effective when played continuously.

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