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Buddha Maityrea, the Reincarnation of Christ - portrait image
Buddha Maitreya,
the Reincarnation of Christ

As the present incarnation of Buddha Maitreya the Christ, Jesus explains how anger and vices give birth to demons, that homosexuality is demonic and how the person then becomes those demons. He explains that God the Father is the Creator – not Mother Nature! He explains the purpose of men and women and God’s Plan of the Family of God. He explains that we must repent, but we must first know the truth.

Buddha Maitreya the Christ teaches that in his previous life as Jesus, he resurrected then left Israel and travelled on to India where he taught for over 50 years. Most of His time was spent in Srinagar where, known as Saint Issa, he taught Buddhist scholars and established Mahayana Buddhism as the incarnated Buddha Maitreya, furthering the work of his incarnation as Sakyamuni Buddha. His tomb may still be found in Srinigar.

Each day Jesus the Christ selects a recommended teaching from previous teachings. You are welcome to watch this at any time, but if you would like to join the teaching in a synchronized way with others, it is broadcast at 7pm pacific USA time or at 4pm UK time the next day.