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Unhealthy to Healthy Chakras
through Harmlessness

Buddha Maityrea, the Reincarnation of Christ - portrait image
Buddha Maitreya,
the Reincarnation of Christ

Buddha Maitreya the Reincarnation of Jesus the Christ teaches that harmful mind, emotions, and actions create a downward solar plexus chakra and self-centered personality - leading to selfishness, a heart asleep, and a dominant solar plexus chakra - which creates unhealthy chakras.  He teaches that harmlessness of mind, emotions, and actions create an upward heart chakra and awakened selfless soul integration - leading to selfless heart-awakening - which creates healthy chakras. To help you understand this reality, here is a visualization of unhelahty vs. healthy chakras.

graphic of unhealthy to healthy chakras through harmlessnessFree PDF PAGE Download of this Graphic